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Achievements are awarded after meeting specific objectives in game.

Image Description Name
Achievement That's a very nice hat.jpeg That's a very nice hat Find All 12 Hats
Achievement For Science.jpeg For Science! Find All 12 Specimens
Achievement Lost Wisdom.jpeg Lost Wisdom Find All 4 Scrolls
Achievement Numi Numi Yay.jpeg Numi Numi Yay Find All 12 Numis
Achievement Treasure Adventure Buffet.jpeg Treasure Adventure Buffet Find All 8 Golden Food
Achievement X Marks the Spot.jpeg X Marks the Spot Find All 19 NavPearls
Achievement Prepared for Adventure.jpeg Prepared for Adventure Find All Gear
Achievement Father's Footsteps.jpeg Father's Footsteps Find All 12 Legendary Treasures
Achievement Gimme the casssssshhhhhh.jpeg Gimme the casssssshhhhhh! Collect Over 1000 Coins
Achievement Friend of the Homeless.jpeg Friend of the Homeless Donate 20 coins to the homeless
Achievement No Place Like Home.jpeg No Place Like Home Fully Furnished House
Achievement The Day the Music Died.jpeg The Day the Music Died Complete The Fizzy Pixels Quest
Achievement Eat This.jpeg Eat This! Kill Baddie with Food
Achievement The Completioner.jpeg The Completioner! Get 100% Completion
Achievement Leave No Chest Unopened.jpeg Leave No Chest Unopened Open 50 Coin Chests
Achievement Frankly Tripping.jpeg Frankly Trippy Find an Easter Egg
Achievement Down the Drain.jpeg Down the Drain Defeat Fatberg Boss
Achievement Beevil Beatdown.jpeg Beevil Beatdown Defeat Beevil Boss
Achievement Bamboozled.jpg Bamboozled Defeat Golemy Boss
Achievement Broken Bones.jpeg Broken Bones Defeat Kosthad Boss
Achievement Cannon Got your Tongue.jpeg Cannon Got Your Tongue? Defeat Morsky Boss
Achievement Not the Sharpest Tool.jpeg Not the Sharpest Tool... Defeat GC Drillo XP10 Boss
Achievement Give no Quarter.jpeg Give no Quarter Defeat Rolef & Lugus Boss
Achievement Would you like to Play a Game.jpeg Would You Like to Play a Game? Defeat GC Mainframe 1000X Boss
Achievement Pirates in a Pod.jpeg Pirates in a Pod Defeat GC Capsule ß0.3 Boss
Achievement Massive Damage.jpeg Massive Damage Defeat GC Crabot XL Boss
Achievement Praise Louyang.jpeg Praise Louyang! Defeat Youlang