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The following table shows all gear that can be found in the game.

Image Name Description Effect Source
Hook Press [] to swing your Hook, attack enemies, flip switches, etc Attack Power +1 Chest in hidden area under Brooks and Barneys home on Cargale Island
Throwing Hook.png
Throwing Hook Press [] and [] to throw your Hook Attack Power +1 After defeating pyramid boss, path to Cologel Island will have a red chest
Fast Hook.png
Fast Hook Swing and Throw your Hook faster Attack Speed +1 Red Chest in the depths of Huayin's Temple on Nimue Island.
Sharp Hook.png
Sharp Hook Increases the attack power of your Hook Attack Power +1 Red Chest in the depths of Huayin's Temple on Nimue Island.
Map Displays the Islands you've discovered and locations of quests and treasures NA Receive from Grandpa after climbing the Bluff on Cargale Island
Treasure Detector Pulses faster when near Treasures and secret areas - Requires Navpearls to function NA Red Chest in front of 2nd treasure door on Nimue Island
Magic Bottle Press [] and [] to equip Magic Bottle (or cycle through equipment) NA Red chest??? in maze below witch's house in Poveglia Island
Flashlight Press [] and [] to equip Flashlight (or cycle through equipment) NA Follow flashlight Navpearl to Eber Island, dig in front of tree, then in ground inside. Red chest???
Shovel Press [] to dig NA Inside left pyramid on Tenerife Island. Hit switches on both sides to access the Red Chest.
Shovel Blade Allows your shovel to dig through harder ground Shovel Stab Attack +1 Red chest inside abandoned Pawn Shop on Somora Island
Shovel Stab Technique Press [] while airborne to perform a Shovel Attack NA Reward for completing the challenge of the sunken Mysterious Temple
Shark Repellent Makes sharks swim away from you NA Complete Sharks Hate Bananas quest for Lenny in the Saloon on Tenerife Island
The Glooskap Your Shrinking, Sea-Faring Vessel. Automatically deploys when needed. NA Receive from Mattie (Refer to Getting Started)
Sail Allows the Glooskap to sail through rough waters NA Purchase from Vinnie in the AngelOak Island Pawn Shop for 100 coins.
Jump Boots Press [] and [] to perform a High-Jump Attack NA Collect from a red chest in the lower right??? Section of the Tomba Caverns
Sprint Boots Hold [] while running to sprint NA Found in a red chest in a secret cave on Boracay Island. The cave is directly above the frogs on the right side of the island.
Cannon Press [] and [] to aim. Hold [] to charge and release to fire NA Find in ???red chest in the sand behind the waterfall on Boracay Island.
Torpedo Upgrade.png
Torpedo Upgrade Cannon fires torpedoes that are effective underwater. Boat Attack Power +1 Reward for collecting and appraising 12 Numis
Flag Improves the Glooskap’s aesthetics: Shows you which way the wind is blowing. NA Platform of the west side of Zwann Island. Purchased for 200 coins. You need the throwing hook to do this. Go to the platform perpendicular to the red switch and use the throwing hook to hit the switch through the coins. This will cause the windmill to turn and the platform to raise and lower. From the platform, you can reach Andrew, who will see you the flag.
Boat Armor Increases Defense while aboard the Glooskap. Boat Defense +1 Receive from Mattie after stopping the Somora Islanda quakes.
Lock Pick Kit Press [] in front of a locked door to pick the lock: Requires Lockpicks NA Red chest inside Cologel cave???
Key-Card Opens GloboCorp doors that use a key-card lock NA Red chest inside GloboCorp room access by vent pipes.
Gear23 8.png
Arcade Pass Play games in the Arcade for free NA Receive from John in Danausal Island
Widget A strange device from GloboCorp with a large button NA Receive after sinking the Pirates.

Trade Quest Items

Progression of items granted by the Break Up The Band questionline

Image Name Description Effect Source
Gear23 1.png
Engagment Ring An inscription reads: "Mindi + Eunice Forever" NA First item - Found in the sand in the small pyramid on Tenerife Island
Gear23 2.png
Concert Ticket  ??? NA Second item - received from Eunice
Gear23 3.png
Blank Data-Stick Gives you access to Tony Ward’s Private Files in GloboCorp Headquarters NA Third item - received from Nico
Gear23 4.png
Encrypted Data-Stick Contains important information on GloboCorp’s nefarious doings: It’s encrypted. NA Forth item - received from the computer in Tony Ward's office.
Gear23 5.png
De-encrypted Data-Stick  ??? NA Fifth item - received from Nico
Gear23 6.png
Therapy Voucher  ??? NA Sixth item - received from Rob
Gear23 7.png
Music Therapy Book  ??? NA Seventh item - received from psychologist