Legendary Treasures

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Legendary Treasures are hidden throughout the world. Collecting all 12 treasures is the main objective of the game.

Each of these treasures has a corresponding navpearl which will mark the treasure's location on the map and alert the treasure finder when the player is nearby. Legendary Treasures can be identified by their large purple-gold ornamented treasure chests. Many treasures require overcoming a puzzle, platforming challenge, or boss encounter.

After collecting each treasure the player can take the elevator under the museum to unlock gates - one for each treasure. Opening all 12 gates is an ongoing primary mission.

Treasure List

Image Name Description Navpearl
Orb of Revelation.png
Orb of Revelation 1st Legendary Treasure Orb of Revelation Navpearl.png AngelOak Island
Temporal Ring.png
Temporal Ring 2nd Legendary Treasure Temporal Ring Navpearl.png Boracay Island
Book of Rendition.png
Book of Rendition 3rd Legendary Treasure Book of Rendition Navpearl.png Daunasal Island
Echo Mirror.png
Echo Mirror 4th Legendary Treasure Echo Mirror Navpearl.png Somora Island
Gem of Rapid Oxidation.png
Gem of Rapid Oxidation 5th Legendary Treasure Gem of Rapid Oxidation Navpearl.png Poveglia Island
Gossamer Cane.png
Gossamer Cane 6th Legendary Treasure Gossamer Cane Navpearl.png Cologel Island
Sword of Vim.png
Sword of Vim 7th Legendary Treasure Sword of Vim Navpearl.png Daunasal Island
Chaos Whistle.png
Chaos Whistle 8th Legendary Treasure Chaos Whistle Navpearl.png Boracay Island
Incessant Potion.png
Incessant Potion 9th Legendary Treasure Incessant Potion Navpearl.png Pinion Island
Cloak of Inconspicuousness.png
Cloak of Inconspicuousness 10th Legendary Treasure Cloak of Inconspicuousness Navpearl.png Jatko Island
Voltaic Bracelet.png
Voltaic Bracelet 11th Legendary Treasure Voltaic Bracelet Navpearl.png Eber Island
Casimir Feather.png
Casimir Feather 12th Legendary Treasure Casimir Feather Navpearl.png AngelOak Island