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Desciription: The Final Boss
Location: Nimue Island


Youlang is a large demon boss found at the bottom of the temple under Nimue Island, when all legendary treasures have been collected.


Youlang is the most complicated boss fight, it has multiple stages.

  • Stage 1: When Youlang lifts islands in overworld, jump onto island then attack when at same level. But beware of what he summons through the vortexes as their random, but if he summons a bomb if you get lucky you can have the bomb hit him which damages him. After two hits you will have to watch for him going to the ground. Then before he starts charging at you. You must super jump to avoid him. Three hits once your on the island and his down.
  • Stage 2: Avoid objects while flying, his arms rise up when his about to summon the bombs. Then his other two attacks is a fireball, as well as a long laser. Then once these attacks are done. That’s when the defensive crystal is no longer tracking you. Once it stops tracking you it will shoot smaller lasers so you will have to hook throw or try to get behind him before the lasers start. He takes four hits to go down.
  • Stage 3: In this stage he has five attacks you have to avoid. He can fire fireballs at you while your between his hands, so to avoid them go to either the far left corner or the right, he also has the ability to summon electricity between them. So to avoid the electricity is the same as the fireballs. He can also summon bombs which act like the bombs in phase one, these bombs can be used to hit his crystals. He will also try to crush your boat, so if you are in the middle once his hands are close enough you either jump up or over them. Lastly he shoots a laser from his mouth like the second phase. You just have to keep in front of it. Now you can use the cannon, or the bombs to hit the crystals. But for the higher ones, you will need to jump onto Youlang's hands when he lifts them into the air while he does this you must watch out for bombs that rise along with his hands. If you have a slow computer it might take a few try’s but you can get lucky with either a bomb or your hook throw.