Golden Food

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Golden Food is a type of treasure which increases the player's maximum health by +1.

Collected Golden Food can be tracked in the inventory screen under the player portrait. Collecting all eight golden foods will award the Steam achievement "Collect all eight fruits and vegetables".

Golden Food List

Image Name Description Island Source
Golden Apple.png
Golden Apple Increases Max Health +1 Cargale Island Cargale Sewer (Boss)
Golden Daikon.png
Golden Daikon Increases Max Health +1 Tenerife Island Tenerife Big Pyramid 2
Golden Orange.png
Golden Orange Increases Max Health +1 Daunasal Island Daunasal Offices (Specimen Quest 2)
Golden Strawberry.png
Golden Strawberry Increases Max Health +1 Pinion Island Pinion Cave
Golden Banana.png
Golden Banana Increases Max Health +1 Daunasal Island Daunasal Factory 3
Golden Carrot.png
Golden Carrot Increases Max Health +1 Poveglia Island Poveglia Catacombs
Golden Cherries.png
Golden Cherries Increases Max Health +1 Tomba Island Psaul in the Tomba Houses
Golden Beet.png
Golden Beet Increases Max Health +1 Somora Island Somora Elevator Cave (Meditate Otus)