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Scrolls are collectible items which offer lore and background into the history of the world.

Main scrolls be translated at the library on Daunasal Island. Finding and translating all four main scrolls will open passage into the Mysterious Temple.

There are also pages of Baggus' Journal which can be collected, and are also viewable in the collection window. There's also a controls scroll which outlines the game's controls.

Scrolls List

Main Scrolls

Image Name Island Source
Wakanda Scroll.png
Wakanda Scroll Tenerife Island Overworld Tenerife (Top of Pyramid)
Youlang Scroll.png
Youlang Scroll Daunasal Island Daunasal Factory 1
Otus Scroll.png
Otus Scroll Somora Island Somora Back Cave
Huayin Scroll.png
Huayin Scroll Nimue Island Nimue Temple 2

Baggus' Journal

Image Name Island Source
Baggus Scroll Page 1.png
Baggus' Journal Page 1 Tenerife Island Tenerife Big Pyramid 1
Baggus Scroll Page 2.png
Baggus' Journal Page 2 Somora Island Somora Cave
Baggus Scroll Page 3.png
Baggus' Journal Page 3 Boracay Island Boracay Crystal Cave 3
Baggus Scroll Page 4.png
Baggus' Journal Page 4 Daunasal Island Daunasal Vents
Baggus Scroll Page 5.png
Baggus' Journal Page 5 Poveglia Island Poveglia Catacombs
Baggus Scroll Page 6.png
Baggus' Journal Page 6 Tomba Island Tomba Cave 4
Baggus Scroll Page 7.png
Baggus' Journal Page 7 Nimue Island Nimue Temple 2

Other Scrolls

Image Name Island Source
Game Controls.png
Game Controls Cargale Island Cargale Houses