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Hats are equipable collectibles that can modify attack, defense, and other attributes, and look cool to boot!

Hats List

Image Name Description Effect Source
Paper Hat.png
Paper Hat An iconic hat that fits you perfectly Defense + 1 Buy from Cargale Island 6-15 Store, 50 coins
Explorer's Hat.png
Explorer's Hat The hat of a true explorer Attack Power + 2, Defense - 1 Talk to Jack the Cat at all 9 locations
Sport Cap.png
Sport Cap A sporty hat with a GloboCorp logo Security robots will ignore you Reward for collecting and turning in at least 6 specimens to Guy in Daunasal City
Top Hat.png
Top Hat Makes you feel wealthy Increased coin drops by 10%. Purchase in AngelOak Island hat shop - 100 coins
Pot Cook-ware turned head-ware Protects against projectiles, Defense + 1, Attack - 1 Reward for collecting and appraising 6 Numi at the Daunasal Pawn Shop
Plant Hat.png
Plant Hat Made from dead plant matter Plant-based baddies will ignore you Red chest in upper left of Crystal Mines area on Boracay Island
Animal Mask.png
Animal Mask Disguise yourself as an animal. Use to get past the human-hating Simun on Boracay Island Buy from Mitch in Poveglia Island S-Mart after rescuing the spirits - 150 coins
Pirate Garb.png
Pirate Garb Embrace your inner pirate Attack Speed + 1 Reward for translating all scrolls in Daunasal City Library
Mushroom Cap.png
Mushroom Cap Expand your mind while restoring health Slow health regeneration, extra visible blocks in world Red chest at upper right of jumping mushrooms on Tomba Island
Sunglasses Look cool and intimidate enemies, decreasing their defense Lowers all enemy defense by - 1 Beat high score of all Breakrys 2 levels
Crown Your head becomes a deadly weapon when jumping Attack - 1 Buy from Dendera JojaMart in Daunasal City - 400 coins
Dive Helmet.png
Dive Helmet While at sea, press [Down] and [S] to dive underwater Allows underwater breathing, tethered to boat Red chest on east end of Jakto island.