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House Upgrades are additions to the house which the player can purchase.

House Upgrades

Image Name Description Island Source
House Key.png
House Key The key for your very own house Kingstree Island Buy from Patton on Kingstree Island for 1,000 coins
Television Set.png
Television Set Provides countless hours of entertainment Cargale Island Buy from Henrey in the Cargale 6-Fifteen for 800 coins
Painting Proves to everyone that you have good taste in art. Daunasal Island Buy from Evelyn in Jojamart for 800 coins
Garden Growing your own food is rewarding Boracay Island Buy from Apini in the Boracay village for 500 coins
Jukebox Listen to your favorite tunes again and again Daunasal Island Buy from the Numi guy on Daunasal Island for 750 coins (you need to turn in all 12 numis first)
Computer Spend way too much time studying your game stats Somora Island Buy from Feti on Somora for 750 coins