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Specimens are collectibles which have a rare chance to drop from specific monsters.

They can be turned into the scientist Guy in the GloboCorp Offices in Daunsal City.

Specimens List

Image Name Description Island Source
Nopal Specimen from a Cactus Tenerife Island, Cologal Island, Sunken Temple Needlearm
Spider Fang.png
Spider Fang Specimen from a Spider AngelOak Island, Somora Island Red Aranea
Pollen Sac.png
Pollen Sac Specimen from a Bee AngleOak Island, Tomba Island Beely
Bat Wing.png
Bat Wing Specimen from a Bat Nimue Museum, Borocay Island Brucey
Slime Ball.png
Slime Ball Specimen from a Slime Monster Tenerife Island Blubb
Monkey Tail.png
Monkey Tail Specimen from a Monkey Borocay Island, Zwann Island Coco
Crab Claw.png
Crab Claw Specimen from a Crab Tenerife Island Granchi
Plant Phlegm.png
Plant Phlegm Specimen from a Plant Monster Somora Island SlurpGloup
Beetle Horn.png
Beetle Horn Specimen from a Red-Tusked Beetle Nimue Museum Kabuto
Mushroom Cap (Specimen).png
Mushroom Cap Specimen from a jumping Mushroom Tomba Island PhantaShroom
Swim Bladder.png
Swim Bladder Specimen from a Fish. Use torpedos to kill the Small Fish. This specimen seems to be much more likely to drop from Small Fish than from Zralok. Boracay Island Small Fish and Zralok
Flame Wisp.png
Flame Wisp Specimen from a Fire Monster Danasaul Island Sewer, Solfor Island Firewall