Jack the Cat

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Jack the Cat is one of the NPC characters you can find in the game. This Adventuring Cat travels across the world to tell you about events that happened in the past or give you a hint to find an item. If you can find him on all his 9 locations you will get an Explorer's Hat

Jack the Cat is hidden on multiple Islands

AngelOak Island
Top left section. Go to the uppermost platform on the right side of the tree (after defeating Beevil) and super jump to the left. You will drop down to where he is.
Boracay Island
In the animal village. Climb the platforms up and right from the entrance to the red chest. Then drop down off the screen to the right, he is in a small cave just below.
Danausal Island
On top of the Jojamart building. Need Jump Boots to get there.
Poveglia Island
To the right of the lighthouse is a building. Use the Jump Boots to get up to it and to the ledge above it and to the right.
Somora Island
After getting the treasure, drop right and hug the wall. Jack is on a platform as you fall.
Solfor Island
Once at the purple chest with the legendary treasure, put on the mushroom hat to reveal hidden blocks. Using the second from the right block, high jump onto the open spout. Jump from there up to the platform with Jack.
Tenerife Island
On Tenerife Island, Jack waits on a platform between the West and middle section of the island, right after the crab above the sand pit. Can't miss him!
Tomba Island
Follow the mushroom bounce path to the top and then use the Jump Boots to get to the bounce shroom that is just out of reach. Follow the path and drop down between the two centipedes while hugging the right wall.
Zwann Island
After passing through the animal village, the section with the reusable wind magic. He is on a high platform near the end.