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Treasure Adventure World contains 17 unique islands for the player to explore. Each island is separated by water can be sailed to. Upon acquiring a boat the player may travel in any direction they wish but may be limited by obstacles or puzzles that they are not equipped to solve. An island may contain enemies, NPCs, quests, and puzzles.

AngelOak Island[edit]

AngelOak Island

The Angel Oak Island is among the first islands the player can visit. The island has a forest theme with several tall trees. In the forest a camper NPC can be found. There is a massive tree that distinguishes the island. It is the home of many friendly animals as well as enemies. The tree hosts a pawn shop as well as a hat salesman.

Cargale Island[edit]

Cargale Island

The Island of Cargale is the first island in the game. It contains several homes belonging to the Mayor, the player's family, and other residents of Cargale. It also has a shop called 6 Fifteen. The island also has a mountain with a cave leading to the top. The Mayor's home sits on top of a mountain in the center of town. The island has a large sewer system running underneath.

Somora Island[edit]

Somora Island

Somora Island is east of Cargale Island and houses a massive mountain structure with large cave systems where a large animal civilization lives underground. The only human resident is Mattie, who builds boats at her home on the east side of the island.

Tenerife Island[edit]

Tenerife Island

Tenerife Island is a large desert island east of Somora Island. It commonly has sand storms and has crab enemies in the less inhabited regions of the island. There are two large temples on the island. The west side of the island has large rock structures and quick sand making entry to the island dangerous. The center of the island is inhabited by several locals in the Saloon.

Cologel Island[edit]

Cologel Island

Cologel Island is a small island devoid of human life. It is a desert island containing quick sand and crab enemies. It also has large rock cliffs and a locked door way on the east end of the island.

Nimue Island[edit]

Nimue Island

Nimue Island is a small grassy island containing a large museum run by Baggus.

Solfor Island[edit]

Solfor Island

Solfor Island is a tall volcanic island with a large mountain and several caves. It has a large lava pool which poses as a danger for visitors.

Zwann Island[edit]

Zwann Island

Zwann Island is a tropical themed island with a small mountain cliff and several bamboo platforms leading to the top. The island of Zwann has a human resident atop a platform he makes his home.

Boracay Island[edit]

Boracay Island

Boracay Island has a large jungle filled with monkey and bush enemies. It has several waterfalls coming from a mountain. The mountain has a cave which connects the two sides of the island. Atop the mountain is a massive animal village where humans are not allowed and is the major element of the island. On the east side of the island has several large frogs enemies which make the region dangerous.

Kingstree Island[edit]

Kingstree Island

Kingstree island is a tiny island containing a home located east of Danausal Island. The house is purchasable by the player and can be made their personal home which can be upgraded with several items.

Danausal Island[edit]

Danausal Island

Danausal Island is a large island housing a massive city with two levels to it. Danausal has several apartment buildings, a library, pawn shop, a night club, a Jojamart market, an arcade, and a nightclub. The major building of the island is the Globocorp headquarters building which is the major employer in the city and powers the city with an exitium crystal in the lobby of the building. The city also has a large sewer system running underneath.

Pinion Island[edit]

Pinion Island

Pinion island is east of Danausal island. It is a small hilly island with a large valley in between filled to the top with dirt.

Tomba Island[edit]

Tomba Island

Tomba Island is a large mushroom covered island with a small forest on the west side. There is a mountain on the east side with large mushrooms stretching up into the sky. Underground is a massive mushroom biome connected by caves within the mountain.

Eber Island[edit]

Eber Island

Eber island is among the smallest islands. It is east of Tomba island and contains a very large tree covering almost the entire island.

Mysterious Temple[edit]

Mysterious Temple

The mysterious temple is a stone temple surround by pillars out in the ocean. It is located west of Poveglia island.

Poveglia Island[edit]

Poveglia Island

Poveglia island is an abandoned island containing a lighthouse and an old store. It has several caves and a large mountain. Above it is a massive cemetery in the sky above the mountain. Poveglia connects directly to Jatko Island by a draw bridge.

Jatko Island[edit]

Jatko Island

Jatko island is directly connected to Poveglia island and is located west of Angel Oak island. It is recognizable by its massive castle and tower as well as a large valleys splitting the island and creating a gap between it and Poveglia.