Break Up The Band

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Prequest - The Buried Ring

Mindi tells us she and her partner used to explore the nearby temples
But then GloboCorp shut them down, and her partner now works for GloboCorp!
She tells us she and her partner left treasure hunting gear in the pyramid to the west.
She also asks us to return a ring if we find one.
Enter the pyramid to the left. One door opens during the day, the other at night.
You'll need to either wait or sleep to enter both sides and retrieve the gear and ring.
Take the ring back to Mindi and she remembers what it means to her.
She lets us keep the ring as it only brings her bad memories.

Speak to Eunice inside GloboCorp on Daunasal Island

Speaking to Eunice for the first time reveals that no, we don’t work here, but we DO know his ex-wife, Mindi.
Eunice would love to go back to her and beg for a second chance, but he doesn’t want to abandon his band, The Fuzzy Pixels.
If we can figure out a way to make Rob and John leave the band, Eunice will be free to follow his heart!
You will receive a Concert Ticket to see The Fuzzy Pixels inside the Nightclub in the evenings.
Speaking to Rob and John will give hints as to as to why they would ‘never’ leave the band

Getting Rob to Quit

Rob doesn’t want to quit the band because it’s his only creative outlet.
He also lacks the courage to leave GloboCorp, the only way he can make money, despite the fact that he is in therapy because of the “soul crushing” job.
To convince him, we need to give him another outlet, and push him over the edge of his disgust of GloboCorp.

Mid-Quest - Underground Movement

In the daytime, we find Nico outside, in between the library and Arcade.
She doesn't want to speak in public, she tells us to find her at the concert tonight.
She offers as a chance to "Be a part of something bigger than ourselves" by bringing down the "System".
She tells us there is encrypted info on a computer inside the CEO's office inside GloboCorp
She knows of a way in, but only someone small can fit. AKA us.
With the Empty Data-Stick in hand, go up to the air vent on top of the GloboCorp buidling.
Fall down inside, and make your way to the CEO's back room, and get that data!
Once you bring the Encrypted Data-Stick back to Nico, she will decrypt it, an then give you a copy.
Take the De-encrypted Data-Stick to Rob
Rob is outraged, and vows to return to the resistance.
He states that he will have to leave the band because he won’t have time for the gig every night.
Because he won’t need it anymore, he will give us his Therapy Voucher

Getting John to Quit

Talk to John on the third floor of the Osgood Apartments in Daunasal Island.
John currently spends his days on the couch and his nights with the band.
John doesn’t want to do any work that doesn’t have to do with music and his trumpet.
Talk to Dr. Velda on the first floor of JojaMart.
After the cutscene, you will receive a Music Therapy Book
Talk to Alistair on the top section of Daunasal, in front o the iPlant billboard.
She tells us that she ran away to the city for a change, but finds it dull.
She does miss her music lessons though….

Alistair’s Trumpet Therapy sub-quest begins

Talk to John, we convince him to teach Alistair to play the trumpet.

Freedom for Eunice

Return to Eunice. He expresses surpise that Rob and Job quit the band…
But realizes that he has no more excuse not to go find Mindi.
In thanks, he gives us the {{Secret Navpearl]]