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Controls are the commands which give the player control in game. They're outlined in a Game Control Scroll which is awarded soon after starting the game.

Controls can be rebound by selecting 'Controls' from the game's main menu. The game's primary actions and default keyboard bindings are outlined below.

The same menu also offers the ability to rebind game pad controller bindings.

Primary Actions

Action Description Arrows (Default) WASD
Left Move to the Left Left A
Right Move to the Right Right D
Up Climb Up Up W
Down Crawl and Climb Down Down S
Attack Attack / Menu Select D J
Peep Food.png
Action Interact / Menu Back S K
Jump Jump / Menu Select Space Space
Big Inventory.png
Inventory Open Inventory Menu I I
Big Advice.png
Advice Ask for Advice Tab Tab
Rotate Cannon.png
Rotate Up Rotate Cannon Up Up W
Rotate Down Rotate Cannon Down Down S

Optional Shortcuts

Action Description Arrows (Default) WASD
Throw Hook.png
Throw Hook Throw Hook
Big Map.png
Map Open Map Menu M M
Big Collection.png
Collection Open Collection Menu C C
Big Magic Bottle.png
Magic Bottle Equip Magic Bottle
Big Flashlight.png
Flashlight Equip Flashlight