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Characters are the residents of Treasure Adventure World.

Main Characters

Image Name Bio
Peep Portrait.png
Peep You play as Peep, a child who washed ashore an island with no right hand, no family, and no memory.
Whydah Portrait.png
Whydah A chatty parrot who loves adventure! Fate seems to have brought the two of you together.

Side Characters

Image Name Bio Location
Npc ethor.png Grandma Ethor She loves Peep as if he was her own grandson and even if she fears for him to be hurt, she wants him to live the life he decides. Cargale Island
Npc Grandpa rondeau.png Grandpa Rondeau He loves Peep as if he was his own grandson. He likes nature and looking at the sky. He would often go camping not too far from home to live a simpler life. Cargale Island
Npc baggus.png Baggus Peep's uncle who went to travel and explore with Peep's dad (his brother-in-law) and Peep. He wrote a diary of their adventures. Nimue Island
Npc tony ward.png Tony Ward The CEO of GloboCorp. He made possible the installation of Exitium Crystals on the islands, allowing people to have access to electricity and energy. Daunasal Island
Npc Mayor goodrich.png Mayor Goodrich She is the Mayor of Peep's village on Cargale Island. She is strict, especially with her daughter Lucinda, and think that Peep has a bad influence on her. Cargale Island
Npc fungara.png Fungara A mysterious being from deep underground. Turns into a Spring-Cap when certain conditions are met. Various Islands
Npc Evelyn.png Evelyn
Npc Mattie.png Mattie A remarkable technology expert. She created The Glooskap, your boat. She once worked for GloboCorp. Somora Island and Cargale Island
Npc harriet.png Harriet The librarian of Daunasal Island. She is sad to see less and less kids going to the library and have a thing for old languages. Daunasal Island
Npc Alistair.png Alistair
Npc Velda.png Velda
Npc Sara.png Sara
Npc Emily.png Emily
Npc Fred.png Fred
Npc Samuel.png Samuel
Npc john.png John The trumpeter of The Fuzzy Pixels. He sleeps all day to be at his best for his band concert at the Night Club! Daunasal Island
Npc Elmer.png Elmer
Npc Nelson.png Nelson
Npc guy.png Guy A scientist of GloboCorp. He loves to study species, but animals don't like him at all! Daunasal Island
Npc Eunice.png Eunice He was once an adventurer but now works for GloboCorp in the Sales district. He has regrets of his old life but can't seem to make the first move to go back to it. Daunasal Island
Npc Joe.png Joe
Npc Rob.png Rob
Npc Egan.png Egan
Npc Nico.png Nico
Npc chuck.png Chuck This mouse disappeared of AngelOak Island. But where was he taken?
Npc Flora.png Flora
Npc Artz.png Artz
Npc Hiram.png Hiram
Npc Bahl.png Bahl
Npc Midge.png Midge
Npc Estill.png Estill
Npc king boone.png King Boone The koala King of Poveglia. He is now a spirit but still attached to his people and his castle. Poveglia Island and Jatko Island
Npc Gc100b.png GC100B
Npc psaul.png Psaul
Npc Cremini.png Cremini
Npc Agar.png Agar
Npc jack.png Jack A nice cat who likes to tell the ancient legends and the history of the islands where you can find him. He also likes high places the best! Various Islands
Npc Bitey.png Bitey
Npc Auto edward.png Automatic Edward
Npc U2 Pilot.png U2 Pilot
Npc apini.png Apini
Npc Dendera.png Dendera
Npc bletus.png Bletus
Npc Dr cici.png Dr Cici A nice insect who takes care of the sick animals and insects of the AngelOak. AngelOak Island
Npc Vinnie.png Vinnie That's a spider merchant for you! He knows his job and boats as well. He also knows Whydah somehow. AngelOak Island
Npc Louie.png Louie A designer, but "cheap" isn't part of his vocabulary. AngelOak Island
Npc Budo.png Dr Budo A owl who has medical knowledge. AngelOak Island