Underground Movement

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Speak to Nico on the upper level of Daunasal Island

In the daytime, we find Nico outside, in between the library and Arcade.
She doesn't want to speak in public, she tells us to find her at the concert tonight.
Start the Breaking Up The Band quest to get a concert ticket.
She offers as a chance to "Be a part of something bigger than ourselves" by bringing down the "System".
She tells us there is encrypted info on a computer inside the CEO's office inside GloboCorp
She knows of a way in, but only someone small can fit. AKA us.
With the ???usb stick in hand, go up to the air vent on top of the GloboCorp buidling.
Fall down inside, and make your way to the CEO's back room, and get that data!
Once you bring the data back to Nico, she will decrypt it, an then give you a copy.