Somora Quakes Quest

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Required Gear: Throwing Hook, Magic Bottle, Shovel

  • Mattie tells us she hasn't had time to work on improvements for the Glooskap because of the persistent ground quakes on Somora Island.
  • After making your way through the Somora Island caves, you will find the source of the quakes at the top, a giant (foot?) named Otus.
  • Otus is covered in Enemy Name who are only vulnerable when their spikes are retracted.
  • Use your Throwing Hook to hit them from a distance. To hit the top-most one, jump on top of Otus and jump just before he brings his foot down to stomp the ground. Line up your shot with the last Enemy Name.
  • After helping Otus the quakes will stop return to Mattie to receive the Boat Armor.