Find The Magic Bottle

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At the top of [Poveglia Island], in an old hut, Estill awaits.
She insists to us that, though rare, magic still exists in the world.
She even has an enchanted item that she has been protecting.
She will give it to us, but we must solve the maze beneath her home, and then do her a favor.
She tells us there is a secret to navigating it, and gives us the key to the door.
At the bottle of the maze, you find find the Magic Bottle in a Red Chest.
After retrieving the Bottle, return to Estill.
She tells us that anything put into the bottle gains magical properties.
Now, about that favor....
Estill infoms us that the floating orb above Poveglia is a graveyard.
The souls that rest there have been possesed by an evil force.
She wants us to discover and remove the disturbance.
She also informas us that one the 12 Treasures is within.
Use the Bottle to capture wind and fly up to the graveyard.
See Graveyard and Kosthad
After defeating Kosthad, return to Estille to discover what she truely is...