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Stats are the attributes the player character has. They can be increased by gathering specific collectables, hats, and other gear.

Player Stats

Icon Stat Name Description Increased By
HP The player's available health points. Can be lowered by monsters and traps, and restored by sleeping or eating food.

Golden Apple.png Golden Food

Power The power of the player's attacks when striking monsters.

Hook.png Hook
Throwing Hook.png Throwing Hook
Sharp Hook.png Sharp Hook
Explorer's Hat.png Explorer's Hat
Torpedo Upgrade.png Torpedo Upgrade

Speed The speed of the player's Swing Attack, Throw Attack and charging.

Fast Hook.png Fast Hook
Pirate Garb.png Pirate Garb

Defense The protection the player has when damaged.

Paper Hat.png Paper Hat
Pot.png Pot
Boat Armor.png Boat Armor