Sick Mouse in the House

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Quest screen basil.jpg

Required Gear: Lockpick Kit, Magic Bottle

  • Jerry tells us Basil has been bedridden for days, and asks if we can help.
  • Dr. Cici may have medicine in her office higher in the tree.
  • Speaking to Dr. Cici reveals that she has had several patients lately, all with the same symptoms - begins AngelOak Ailment side-quest
  • She asks you to find Dr. Budo in hope that he can create an antidote.
  • Find Dr. Budo higher up on the left side of the tree and complete the side-quest Dr. Budo's Spores.
  • Bring the antidote that Dr. Budo gives you back down to Basil without spilling it (you can get more from him if you do).
  • Talk to Basil while holding the antidote.