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Microsoft recently introduced a new feature to Windows 10 called Game Mode. We've found that users who are experiencing performance issues while playing Treasure Adventure World have had improvement by enabling Game Mode. Read the following guide for information on how to activate it.

Enabling Game Mode[edit]

Open up settings in Windows by pressing the windows key + I (capital i)

Click the "Gaming" option in Settings

Win 10 Game Mode 1.png

Make sure the option "Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar" is enabled

Win 10 Game Mode 2.png

This setting really should be called "enable the Game bar"

Launch the game. Once in-game, press the Windows key + G:

Win 10 Game Mode 3.png

Check the box to confirm that TAW is a game.

Once that is enabled, the game bar itself will pop up. Click this to enable "Game Mode":

Win 10 Game Mode 4.png

The little circle with the slash will go away, and it'll look like this:

Win 10 Game Mode 5.png

For best results restart the game after this, and confirm that Game Mode is still enabled after launch.