Flour for Cinder

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Snack for Gregar[edit]

We need water to procede higher into the village
Gregar doesn't want to turn the water wheel because he is hungry.
Go to Cinder in the inn.

Flour for Cinder[edit]

Cinder tells us that everyone in the village has a role to play.
He is a baker, but he can't back until he has wheat!
O'Cerca should have some ground up for him!

Seed for O'Cerca[edit]

O'Cerca tells us we can have some wheat if we bring a seed to grind up.
Bring O'Cerca one seed and... promise... to help haul 100 more later... sure...
Take the jar of wheat to Cinder.
Cinder gives us a stale muffin.
Take the muffin to Gregar and he will turn on the pump for us.