Flour for Cinder

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Snack for Gregar

We need water to procede higher into the village
Gregar doesn't want to turn the water wheel because he is hungry.
Go to Cinder in the inn.

Flour for Cinder

Cinder tells us that everyone in the village has a role to play.
He is a baker, but he can't back until he has wheat!
O'Cerca should have some ground up for him!

Seed for O'Cerca

O'Cerca tells us we can have some wheat if we bring a seed to grind up.
Bring O'Cerca one seed and... promise... to help haul 100 more later... sure...
Take the jar of wheat to Cinder.
Cinder gives us a stale muffin.
Take the muffin to Gregar and he will turn on the pump for us.