Dr. Budo's Spores

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Quest screen budo.jpg

Required Gear: Magic Bottle Flashlight

  • To access Dr. Budo, acquire the Flashlight, find the dark room on the right side of the tree, progress through the room.
  • Speaking to Dr. Budo reveals he has been trying to make an antidote to the toxins leaking from the pipes. He just needs spores from a rare orange mushroom that grows in the tree.
  • Climb up the tree and go to the second door above Dr. Budo. Room with jungle plants and Ben.
  • Use the Magic Bottle to pick up some water falling from the ceiling.
  • Take the water and go to the room below.
  • In the middle of the room there's a small platform flower. Splash the water from the bottle on it.
  • Using the platform flower jump up to find the orange mushroom.
  • Use the Magic Bottle to pickup some mushroom spores.
  • Bring the spores back to Dr. Budo and in exchange he will give you the antidote for AngelOak Ailment and Sick Mouse in the House