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Bosses are large enemy encounters with specialized mechanics. They'll require a specific combination of actions or abilities to defeat.

Defeating bosses usually offers a significant reward.


Image Name Description Island Basic Strategy Reward
Beevil Portrait.png
Beevil Employee of the Month AngelOak Island Hit level to allow green mushroom to pass through the grinder. Then pick it up, throw at boss and hit while stunned.
Book of Rendition.png
Book of Rendition
FatBerg Portrait.png
FatBerg Sewer-Dwelling Slime Beast Cargale Island Jump up and pull three shaded chains to fill the chamber with slime, electrocuting the boss. Avoid projectiles, get scooped up and repeat jump to escape.
Golden Apple.png
Golden Apple
Boss golemy.png
Golemy Ancient Security-System Jump on hands on either side, run through to the other side of the boss and get on top to strike.
Boss drillo.png
GC Drillo XP10 Piloted by the Feckless Pirate Duo Boracay Island Go underneath boss when it jumps toward the left side of the room, climb up to the rail above to cannon bomb
Gossamer Cane.png
Gossamer Cane
GC Capsule Portrait.png
GC Capsule ß0.3 Two Pirates in a Pod Have Whydah power up balls, open gate, lift bomb and drop on the boss.
Morsky Portrait.png
Morsky Ice to Sea Ya! Poveglia Island Fire cannon at boss, avoid falling ice and shoot cannonballs in mouth. Drawbridge can open
Boss crabot.png
GC Crabot XL Crabby Fungi Collector Tomba Island Use mushrooms to see blocks, jump above boss which becomes vulnerable.
Gem of Rapid Oxidation.png
Gem of Rapid Oxidation
Kosthad Portrait.png
Kosthad Demented Dragon King Poveglia Island Bottle spirits, then stand on the bosses hand and fire the bottle at him.
Temporal Ring.png
Temporal Ring
GC Mainframe Portrait.png
GC Mainframe 1000X Playing Game Daunasal Island Interact with each computer terminal and beat each mini-game.
Sword of Vim.png
Sword of Vim
Youlang The Final Boss Nimue Island Jump on islands the elevate high enough to strike. Then avoid in air.

Pirate Encounters

The pirates appear in a few encounters in the boat. They can be battled using the cannon.

Image Name Description Island Basic Strategy
Roelof & Lugus All Hands on Deck! Fire cannon
Swim or Scuttle! Fire cannon