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Specimens are collectibles which have a rare chance to drop from specific monsters.

They can be turned into the scientist Guy in the GloboCorp Offices in Daunsal City.

Specimens List[edit]

Image Name Description Island Source
Nopal Specimen from a Cactus Tenerife Island, Cologal Island, Sunken Temple Needlearm
Spider Fang.png
Spider Fang Specimen from a Spider AngelOak Island, Somora Island Red Aranea
Pollen Sac.png
Pollen Sac Specimen from a Bee
Bat Wing.png
Bat Wing Specimen from a Bat
Slime Ball.png
Slime Ball Specimen from a Slime Monster
Monkey Tail.png
Monkey Tail Specimen from a Monkey
Crab Claw.png
Crab Claw Specimen from a Crab
Plant Phlegm.png
Plant Phlegm Specimen from a Plant Monster
Beetle Horn.png
Beetle Horn Specimen from a Red-Tusked Beetle
Mushroom Cap (Specimen).png
Mushroom Cap Specimen from a jumping Mushroom
Swim Bladder.png
Swim Bladder Specimen from a Fish Boracay Island
Flame Wisp.png
Flame Wisp Specimen from a Fire Monster