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Suga wants to increase his Instagram Followers _Some people must react_ . Wow he had so many followers , he looks handsome like an idol . Oh , look ! He's really an idol ! He's grabbing a bu##sh@@ on his hand ! And he smiles at us . Omg , so rude . What idol group is this ? BTS ? . I never heard that before , same.. . And the others reaction , Hey . BTS is a popular group there's Taehyung , Jimin , Jungkook, Jin , Suga , J-Hope , RM . Let me introduce them for you . Taehyung had cute aegyos. What is aegyos ? Oh , you don't know aegyos ? aegyos is the cutest form of a person . Jimin has cool warrior style . Like what ? Why are you asking me , Just look yourself ! . Oh , he looks cool and se&y . Oh you pervert . Jungkook is the maknae of the group . What does maknae stans for ? Oh god you don't know what maknae means ?! It means the youngest person in a group . Jin is the oldest . Who's Jin , is he an aladdin ?! ( Jin Means Aladdin or something like the Akinator App in Indonesia ) hmmm, gosh you're weird and no , he's a normal person like us . And suga is the lead rapper . What's a lead rapper ? OHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD you don't know what lead rapper means ? It's like the second or the third person of a rapper in this group . And J-Hope is the butterfly of the group . Whattttt, why ?? Because he always shines . Ok , after this i'm leaving . Ok ? ohhhh, whyy ? Because you guys always asking . RM or Rap Monster is the leader and the fastest rapper . Why is he a monster ? I'm leaving .Btw, who's your bias ? What is a bias ? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Bias is someone who you are fans with ! Oh that means i'm a fan ? NO IT"S NOT THATankjnowneo . You're not a fan ! I mean F A N S , it's like you like him ... Oh ! I'm a fan of suga ! Can you tell me about suga more ? Ok , fine . Suga is the lead rapper , hes real name is Min Yoongi . He lives in Daegu with Taehyung . He doesn't like seaweed . He likes cool person . Ok , Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . Nope , i'm tired . Go awayyyyyyydacaieefnnonn . And that's why suga had fans and ... the girl spending promote about sug a sooo , um nvm i can't speak english .